Bloodrust is a one man Death metal band based out of the Falkland Islands by Richard Kennahan. Bloodrust started as a project back in 2010/11 but after demoting a few songs Richard put the project to one side with the intention of resurrecting the project at a later date. Richard self-released the debut album “Burning of Aeons” in 2020 to many positive reviews. Bloodrust returned just one year later with their sophomore album “A Legacy Of Vengeance” in late 2021. Keeping the brutality and speed of the first, RIchard takes a more sophisticated songwriting approach on “A Legacy Of Vengeance”.Both albums were written and recorded by Richard and have been produced, mixed and mastered  by Dean Thompson who has also leant his considerable guitar skills on solos across both albums. In November Bloodrust signed with Desolate Sound Productions for a limited cassette release of “A Legacy Of Vengeance”. Check out Bloodrust on below links:

Bloodrust “Burning Of Aeons” DIgital Bandcamp Page

Bloodrust “A Legacy Of Vengeance” Digital Bandcamp Page

Bloodrust “A Legacy Of Vengeance” Cassette Tapes