About Us

Stanley Wolak III founded Desolate Sound Productions in 2021 after years of wanting to start an independent record label for extreme metal music. With the vast majority of indie metal labels out there, Stan wanted a label that focused on exactly who he was, the one-man/DIY musician that creates metal out of their homes for sake of just creating metal, because we love it.

Stan was introduced to Extreme Metal back in his teens and has been a lifelong metalhead ever since. Stan has been 1 of 3 hosts of the Into The Combine Metal and Hardcore Podcast since 2015, which releases monthly podcasts covering a broad range of metal topics including new/old music, interviews, new and classic album reviews, trivia, etc. Check out Into The Combine Metal and Hardcore podcast here!

Stan also owns and operates an audio/video production studio out his home office called SW3 Studios. Stan has been producing his own music since his college days and recently has got into video editing/production. Check out SW3 Studio’s Youtube channel here!